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Environmental Process EngineeringProcess unit level

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Modeling and Simulation - Process unit level


For process optimization and identification of efficiency potentials, it is also necessary to consider individual process steps (process unit level). On the one hand modeling and simulation of reactors allows a specific preparation of experiments. On the other hand, simulation results of defined scenarios (e.g. load simulations, temperature dependencies and malfunctions) give importance information for the design and optimization of biological, chemical or mechanical process units. Current research works on single process (treatment) units are:

  • Development of multi-phase systems (reduction of energy demand, mass transfer optimization and improvement of operation and investment)
  • Development and modelling of high performance aerobic and anaerobic reactors 
  • Development of enhanced biological bio-processes applying fungi, iron bacteria etc. 
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes: photocatalytic reactors for economic treatment of gas and water, process integration and combination, improvement of ozone intake in the liquid phase
  • Selective separation of substances (recovery of valuables or toxic compounds from wastewater using different technologies: supramolecular adsorbers, MIPs, extraction, membranes, etc.
  • Development of on-line monitors for process control involving volatile hydrocarbons and trace materials
  • Process combination (e.g. anaerobic-aerobic-membrane treatment)


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