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Modeling and Simulation - Process level


Based on an integral approach, modeling and simulation are used for (treatment) plants and individual process steps. The overall objective here is to minimize environmental impacts and specific treatment costs. The Chair EPE uses the simulation software WEST® and SIMBA® for process optimization and design for both municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Examples of research projects on the "process level "at the Chair of EPE are:

  • Modeling and simulation of municipal wastewater treatment plants (operating optimization, system expansion planning, model-based process monitoring, etc.)
  • membrane separation processes for production-integrated water savings in laundries and breweries (simulation of substance flows in cycle systems regarding the reuse of party treated wastewater streams)
  • Resource recycling from production wastewater: extraction of polyphenols from aqueous olive mill effluent

  • Modeling and simulation of transport and transformation processes of anthropogenic micropollutants, such as dichlorfenac and ibuprofen, in wastewater treatment process
  • Fate of anthropogenic micropollutants in municipal wastewater treatment plants, potential for recovery of X-ray contrast media


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