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Environmental Process EngineeringIntegrated urban water cycle

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Modeling and Simulation - Integrated urban water cycle


Research activities about e.g. the fate of trace pollutants (pharmaceutics, recalcitrant substances etc.) have to consider all transformation and transport processes in all compartments (waste water treatment plants, surface water, groundwater, soil passage, etc.). One current challenge is the combination of individual models for different compartments at the regional (global) level: for example the linking of models for wastewater treatment plants (particularly Activated Sludge Models) with models for surface waters (including River Water Quality Model No.1) and sewers with mass and volumetric flows. The Chair of Environmental Process Engineering focuses at regional/global level on following research topics:

  • “Ecological “footprints” of products related to virtual water use and pollution
  • System adaption on special demands of developing countries
  • Fate of trace pollutants (including carbamazepin and dichlorfenac) in urban systems  
  • Modelling approaches for the description of water cycles with focus on conventional pollutants and priority substances
  •  Development of strategies for the sustainable management of water resources through integrated approaches (effect relationships between natural water resources, industry, agriculture and urban areas) 



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